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Immersion in the Pilates Method

Immersion in the Pilates Method

Become a teacher of the Authentic Pilates Method and learn the correct use of ALL its equipment (Reformer, Mat, Chairs, Cadillac, Barrels, etc…) in an intensive way and in a group of maximum 6 people, where we teach you in a continuous way, every day, until the day of the exam.

This Training Program has a duration of 3 months and 15 days, and can be done in person and/or online (consult).

We don’t believe that Pilates can be taught with books or in theoretical weekend courses, that’s why our trainings are practical. You will learn by doing.

You will learn how to set up a balanced class (skeleton and system), how to safely progress your practice and that of your clients using the equipment, how to apply the authentic Pilates method to the individual needs of each person, and the correct technique for each body depending on the shape of their spine.

You will have full access to the most complete studio in Malaga, where you will be able to do your internship and observe how the professionals teach.

Once you pass the training program you will be certified as an authentic Pilates teacher by the only 2nd generation teacher in Malaga, and one of only 70 people in the world with THE WORK certification (Vintage Pilates – Los Angeles).

How does the training work?

Before starting the program we will prepare you with 5 private lessons, so that you learn the basics we are going to teach you and we can get right to the point on the first weekend.

We will do 3 practical teaching modules on weekends spread over the 3 and a half months of the training.

After each weekend we have a month, until the next module, in which we will practice everything we have learned to make sure you are learning it correctly.

You will also have:

Unlimited access to our studio for you to practice and observe our classes.

Masterclass (1 each week)

Tutorial videos of all exercises.


Who will teach you?

Hello! My name is Ernesto Peña, I have been in the Pilates World since 2009, and I have not stopped learning and teaching people since I started.

Always hungry to know more and highly motivated, I even trained at Vintage Pilates (Los Angeles) with Jay Grimes, who was a student of Joseph Pilates himself, thus becoming the only 2nd generation teacher in Malaga. If you want to know more about me click here.

MÓDULO 1: Los fundamentos

En este fin de semana te enseñaremos los ejercicios fundamentales, basándonos en las formas de la columna, en Reformer, Mat, Cadillac, Silla Wunda, Silla Alta, Barril grande, Corrector de columna, Guillotina, Pared y otros pequeños aparatos. 

  • Acceso ilimitado para practicar y observar en el estudio.
  • 4 Masterclass (1 cada semana).
  • Videotutoriales de todos los ejercicios del primer módulo.
  • Acceso a Chat privado con los compañeros/as y el profesor para compartir o resolver dudas.

MÓDULO 2: Primeras progresiones

Una vez aprendido “Los fundamentos”, aquí veremos las “Primeras progresiones” de los movimientos en relación con la forma de la columna vertebral. Un fin de semana muy intenso y divertido sin duda. Te seguiremos enseñando más sobre el Reformer, Mat, Cadillac, Silla Wunda, Silla Alta, Barril grande, Corrector de columna, Pared, Guillotina y otros pequeños aparatos. y además en este finde también veremos el barril pequeño, Pedi-pole, silla de brazos.

  • Práctica y observa en el estudio
  • 4 Masterclass (1 cada semana)
  • Videotutoriales de todos los ejercicios del segundo módulo.

MÓDULO 3: Intermedio

Este es el fin de semana más completo donde aprenderás TODOS los aparatos de Pilates, incluso los más desconocidos, en relación con todas las formas de la columna. Este módulo cierra el círculo corporal completo para que puedas practicar y enseñar Pilates de pies a cabeza.

  • Práctica y observa en el estudio
  • 4 Masterclass (1 cada semana)
  • Videotutoriales de todos los ejercicios del tercer módulo.


Vamos más allá de un simple examen. Está todo programado para que además de demostrar todo tu conocimiento a través de tu práctica y observación, puedas aprender nuevas herramientas como si de un Workshop se tratase. 

Superado con éxito obtendrás un Certificado expedido por la Escuela de Pilates -  Ernesto Peña (profesor de 2ª generación. Linaje de Jay Grimes)

* The masterclasses and other hours to be completed will be specified within the schedule of Estudio Pilates Malaga from Monday to Friday.

** In order to access this training you must take a minimum of 5 private classes in person or online.

*** To be able to do the training online you will need to have Pilates equipment (consult with Ernesto).

Intensive Training: "Immersion in the Pilates Method" (300h)

Module 1: "The Foundations" February 3-4

Week 1: 3 classes + 1 Masterclass Reformer and Mats
Week 2: 3 classes + 1 Cadillac Masterclass
Week 3: 3 classes + 1 Masterclass Chairs and Barrels
Week 4: 3 classes + 1 Masterclass Small Apparatus and Wall

Module 2: "First Progressions" March 2-3

Week 5: 3 classes + 1 Reformer Masterclass
Week 6: 3 classes + 1 Masterclass Colchoneta
Week 7: 3 classes + 1 Masterclass Chairs
Week 8: 3 classes + 1 Masterclass Barrels

Module 3: "Fundamentals of advanced" March 30-31

Week 9: 3 classes + 1 Reformer Masterclass
Week 10: 3 classes + 1 Masterclass Colchoneta
Week 11: 3 classes + 1 Masterclass Chairs
Week 12: 3 classes + 1 Masterclass Barrels

Examination: May 11

Within 5 months after the training and in order to obtain the 300h degree, in addition to completing the weekends, Masterclasses and classes, the student must complete the following:

120 hours of classroom observation
100 hours of practice as a teacher (this must be discussed with the studio for availability of equipment)

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Carmen Dolz
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I got to know Estudio Pilates through their website. I started personalized classes a month ago, and I am very happy. Ernesto is a very good professional and the center is cozy and clean.
Nina Celikei
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Ernesto as a teacher is very perfectionist and professional. He has a lot of wisdom since he has trained with the best. The good thing is that after so many years with pilates he still has passion and continues to train, this guarantees me high quality classes with him.
Inma Moya
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Studio 100% recommended for its quality and professionalism. The classes are personalized and help you progress both physically and mentally.
Because for us the most important thing is you, and that you get what you want by practicing the authentic Pilates method.


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