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An interesting article on how to relieve a herniated disc with Pilates. The pure and authentic practice of the Pilates method is based on the correct alignment of the spine.

This allows, through its regular practice, to alleviate the symptoms of pathologies associated with this area of the body, such as disc herniation.

In this post we tell you the real case of one of our Pilateros, Rodney Cully, who has benefited from the Pilates method and classes to relieve the pain and dizziness of disc herniation.

Rodney is from Newcastle, he came to Spain at the age of 24 when he finished his degree in Electronics and Software Engineering. He is very fond of sports: badminton, rugby and soccer have been his favorites during his youth, and he practiced them very often.

Continued rugby practice caused him to develop a herniated disc between c5 and c6. He did not know he had it, he felt dizziness, headaches and dizziness, produced by the pressure between the intervertebral discs.

In addition, I had to lie down for a long time until the discs reduced the pressure.

Rodney visited his family doctor, who recommended that he stop playing rugby, take up swimming, and prescribed some pills for dizziness and others for inflammation.

To improve her situation, she visited different physiotherapists for three years, and it was her last physiotherapist who recommended Pilates.

But that was not the end of it, he had to search among many Pilates studios, because not all of them followed a practice that guaranteed benefits for his pathology.

After trying several, he met Ernesto, one of our coaches, in our old studio in Torremolinos. And since then he is still with us and in love with the Pilates method and its most authentic practice in our sessions.

In a matter of a few weeks he stopped taking all the pills.

She has not felt dizziness, headaches or dizziness again, she has managed to solve the pain and dizziness of the herniated disc in her Pilates classes, and she will continue practicing so that they do not return.

“Awesome,” is how he defines it:

“I would come to my Pilates classes after work and leave as good as new, with the exercises taking away the tension accumulated during the day, which was detrimental to my hernia.”

But Rodney has not fallen in love with the Pilates method just because of these improvements, one of the main reasons is because his body has changed completely: “I couldn’t buy pants here in Spain because of the way they were cut, and since I’ve been going to Pilates I can”.

In addition, Rodney emphasizes that “every day is like a challenge”, he notices perfectly how he strengthens his muscles thanks to the exercises and always tries to improve himself, going a little further in stretching, or enduring longer in strength and flexibility exercises.

That’s why she loves the Pilates sessions, because every day she learns something new and seeks to accomplish a new goal.

And that is our philosophy, we try to make every day different thanks to the great variety of exercises designed by Joseph Pilates for each of his apparatus. In addition, each exercise has its own variants, which allow new challenges to be met.

The benefits of Classical Pilates

Rodney also highlights the benefits of Pilates classes on a daily basis and during the practice of other sports such as swimming.

“As I get better at Pilates I apply it to swimming.” The body, and especially the legs, feel less heavy, this is due to breath control, which in swimming is a key buoyancy factor.

But for him, the best thing has been the correctness of his positions on a day-to-day basis.

Given the importance of correct body alignment in the Pilates method, Rodney is able to adapt what Ernesto tells him to his daily life: “Now I know how I should sit, how to walk, what postures to avoid, etc.”.

Rodney has been practicing Pilates twice a week at Estudio Pilates Malaga since October 2012, he has met many studios and many teachers, and for him, the trainer is the key:

What he values most about our studio, besides the teacher, are the machines: “There are many studios that have five or six Reformers for group exercises, but Estudio Pilates Malaga is the most complete center I’ve known.

And above all, he values the treatment received and the dynamics of the sessions: “The best thing is the individual and personalized treatment, you can tell that they are committed to the clients”.

To conclude the interview, we asked Rodney to whom he would recommend Pilates classes: “I recommend it to everyone, to anyone who has an ailment, or who wants to exercise and strengthen their muscles and flexibility.

It really is an unknown sport and I recommend trying it for the benefits it brings during classes and in general in everyday life”.

“The Pilates Studio teachers breathe Pilates, you can tell that they are in love with the method, that they like to practice it, that they are enthusiastic about talking about it”.

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I got to know Estudio Pilates through their website. I started personalized classes a month ago, and I am very happy. Ernesto is a very good professional and the center is cozy and clean.
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Ernesto as a teacher is very perfectionist and professional. He has a lot of wisdom since he has trained with the best. The good thing is that after so many years with pilates he still has passion and continues to train, this guarantees me high quality classes with him.
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Studio 100% recommended for its quality and professionalism. The classes are personalized and help you progress both physically and mentally.
Because for us the most important thing is you, and that you get what you want by practicing the authentic Pilates method.


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