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Get to know our Pilates machines

Get to know our Pilates machines

In our studio we train with the brand true to Joseph Pilates’ original designs, Gratz Industries. If you are looking for a classic studio in which Pilates classes with machines are practiced, here we inform you about the ones we have in ours:

Reformer or Universal Reformer

The reformer is a high precision apparatus and is used as a base element in the classical Pilates Method. It consists of an outer frame that houses a bed-like platform with a head and shoulder support. This platform slides on rails thanks to its adaptable spring system, straps and foot bar. It is exercised in different positions: lying, sitting, kneeling, even standing (advanced level), always depending on the needs of each person, in this way we align, balance, strengthen and stretch the whole body. As its name suggests, it will 'reform' you from head to toe.

The Universal Reformer was first patented in 1924 after years of research. And as its word indicates, it is universal because it is suitable for everyone. The original reformer measured 80" (2.03m) although Romana Krysanoswska later added the trampoline and it was built to 86".


The mat is a very important apparatus in the Pilates method. Most people when they think of the mat visualize a rubber mat. Beyond that, in the Classic Pilates method, the mat is a more or less elevated platform on which there are bars at the top for hand grips, and at the bottom there are two side boxes and a strap for the feet. It is a very simple but very effective design to work in a safe and effective way.

Guillotine or Tower

We are the only Pilates studio in the province of Malaga that has a Guillotine, but don't be scared by the name. It is an ideal device for corpulent people, normally men, so that they can strengthen and make their spine more flexible. In addition to strengthening the core, back, arms and legs, it will be the delight of the most athletic students, as it includes many fun and acrobatic exercises.


The Cadillac is a device with a raised platform surrounded by a metal frame to which are attached different springs, bars and straps placed in a precise and accurate way to work both strength and flexibility.

It is an ideal apparatus for people with injuries and/or pathologies since they will be able to enter without having to bend down and everything is full of supports to stabilize, flex and strengthen the body in a safe way. It can also be a fun and challenging device for athletic people.

Magic circle (Magic circle)

The magic ring as its name suggests is magical, because with this simple device you will feel and strengthen the deep muscles such as the pelvic floor that is so difficult to find for many people. It's pressing in the right way and Tachan!!!! Joseph Pilates was a genius. This small device will also be a great ally to strengthen wrists, arms, shoulders, back, neck and legs.

High Chair or Power Chair
(High Chair or Electric Chair)

The high chair or also called the electric chair because of its appearance, has two side bars that serve as support and, in addition, in its lower part has a pedal attached with springs that act as resistors. This Pilates machine works the abdomen, pelvic floor, lower back, buttocks, knees, Achilles tendon, arms and back. It also improves neuromuscular coordination and balance.

Pedi Pole or Pedi-o-pull

The pedi pole or pedi-o-pull is one of Joseph Pilates' most ingenious apparatuses. This apparatus consists of a wooden base supporting a steel tube and a top bar from which hang two springs with hand grips. This design makes it a very unstable device, not suitable for beginners. In addition to improving balance and breathing, it allows you to exercise your upper body and, in particular, your shoulders. It is ideal for people with scoliosis or muscular asymmetries.

Wunda Chair (Wunda Chair)

Joseph Pilates invented the wunda chair for people who knew the method well and wanted to train in their own home. It goes from being a vintage type chair to a pilates machine, with a pedal and an adaptable spring system, where you will work the whole body.

It is one of the most fun and challenging apparatus of the Pilates method where the body balance is exercised, from the feet, legs, hips, center to the spine.

Large barrel
(Ladder Barrel)

Pedi Pole or Pedi-o-pull

It is one of the most fun and challenging apparatus of the Pilates method where the body balance is exercised, from the feet, legs, hips, center to the spine.

Baby chair or Arm chair (Arm chair)

The first known photo of this chair was taken in 1941, showing Joseph H. Pilates himself practicing various exercises. This chair-shaped device also has a folding backrest and two very thin springs that are hooked to the back. Mainly works on postural correction and scapular positioning. Once the student is ready, and thanks to its inclined backrest, it will lengthen the spine from the base to the cervical, thus eliminating any discomfort at this level.

Spine corrector and Small barrel (Spine corrector and Small barrel)

These two small half-barrel shaped devices have different dimensions depending on the person who is going to use them. They are fantastic devices to correct the spine, and to flex stiff shoulders or hips, but you must have a control of the center before practice. The barrels will help improve breathing and body alignment. Once you have tried them, you won't be able to live without them.

Foot corrector
(Foot Corrector)

The Foot Corrector is essential to connect the musculature from the feet to the head. It is a small metal piece with two small but powerful springs that will help you improve old ankle injuries by strengthening from the sole of the foot to the hip-lumbar.

Bean bag
(Bean Bag Roll up device)

The bean bag is a simple weighted bag tied by a string to a wooden stick. Challenging to maintain correct alignment while exercising wrists, forearms, arms, shoulders, shoulder girdle and back. Do you dare to try?

Bunion corrector
(Toe Exerciser)

The smallest of the Pilates machines also has great potential. We will be able to align and strengthen feet, ankles, knees and hips, leaving a fantastic feeling of relief from the feet to the hips. Connecting the toes to the rest of the body. As the name suggests, which is what is most striking, you will help improve your bunions.

Push-up handles
(Push up device)

These Pilates push-up handles may look similar to others that are marketed in sporting goods stores, but they have nothing to do with each other. Aesthetically it has a nice design, but this is not what we are interested in. The important thing is the height, the grip and the support, which will allow you to learn how to do the famous push-ups correctly, strengthening your chest, back, arms, abdomen and even legs. It will also help us to enhance exercises on other apparatus and for the more advanced it will be a tool for acrobatics.

Bar 2x4

The 2x4 bar is a small and simple padded wooden bar that is very practical for exercising feet, ankles, knees, legs and hips. For people with a certain practical level it will be a great tool to improve balance.

Airplane Bar

The airplane bar is used on the Cadillac to perform the 'Aeroplane' exercise. This small device will help us to align and massage the entire body.

Neck tensioner
(Neck strecher)

The neck tensor scares many people, but have no fear, we know how to use it and it will be fantastic to stretch the neck and decompress it, leaving a very good sensation. At other levels it will be a perfect tool to connect the head with the rest of the body.


This classic gymnastic trellis was not invented by Pilates, but we have adopted it in all our studios since the beginning because it is a great help for many people. On the trellis we can stretch the whole body in a very safe way, align the hips, or make preparations for more advanced exercises, even acrobatic.


The weights in Pilates are used in a very different way than in any fitness room or gym. Our weights are 1/2kg and 1kg, and you don't need more weight, I can assure you, to sweat well. You will be able to strengthen wrists, forearms, arms, shoulders, shoulder girdle and back. They are used in different devices such as wall or barrels.

The Wall

Who doesn't have a wall nearby? With this simple tool you will strengthen your core, hips and legs. At the same time you will be able to align and stretch your spine. You will feel that you have grown a few centimeters.

With this we can say that in Estudio Pilates Malaga we have all the equipment that a good Pilates studio needs. As we always say "the correct practice of the Pilates Method is done with the help of equipment specially designed for this purpose, in a private and logically personalized way".

Each person is unique, has a unique body, different needs, therefore we make a class especially for you with the right equipment for your body, your level, and your needs.

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Carmen Dolz
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I got to know Estudio Pilates through their website. I started personalized classes a month ago, and I am very happy. Ernesto is a very good professional and the center is cozy and clean.
Nina Celikei
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Ernesto as a teacher is very perfectionist and professional. He has a lot of wisdom since he has trained with the best. The good thing is that after so many years with pilates he still has passion and continues to train, this guarantees me high quality classes with him.
Inma Moya
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Studio 100% recommended for its quality and professionalism. The classes are personalized and help you progress both physically and mentally.
Because for us the most important thing is you, and that you get what you want by practicing the authentic Pilates method.


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