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In our intensive training programs, either in person or online, you will learn the authentic Pilates Method and the correct use of ALL its apparatus: Reformer, Matwork, Cadillac, Chairs, Barrels, Pedi Pole, Guillotine and small apparatus.

We teach you how to build a personalized and balanced class for anyone, regardless of age, physical condition and/or injuries.

Thanks to our experience of more than 10 years in training, we know that the authentic Pilates method is not taught with books or theories, that’s why all our training is practical.

Our philosophy is that if you want to know about something you have to live it, experience it in your body by practicing with their equipment and observing professionals, that’s why…

You will have open the doors of the most complete Classical Pilates studio in Malaga for your practices and observation.

In addition, we know that weekend courses don’t work well, so we will be with you teaching you the authentic Pilates method “side by side” every day during the entire training. You will be tutored throughout the training, so we will make sure you don’t fall behind.

You will be able to do whatever you want, give private or group classes, either in a Classical Pilates Studio or in a sports center anywhere in the world.

Achieving our Pilates Method certification will give you access to the widest range of job opportunities as a Pilates teacher.

All our trainings are taught by the only 2nd generation teacher in Malaga trained with the same Pilates student, Jay Grimes, at Vintage Pilates – Los Angeles. Meet him here.

Immersion in the pilates method

Become a teacher of the Authentic Pilates Method and know the correct use of ALL your devices intensively.

The continuation and the experience

This training program is designed to complete the teaching of immersion, and thus know the Pilates Method in its entirety.

Pilates Mentoring

An online continuing education platform for Pilates teachers. I help you make your classes better and more profitable.

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Carmen Dolz
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I got to know Estudio Pilates through their website. I started personalized classes a month ago, and I am very happy. Ernesto is a very good professional and the center is cozy and clean.
Nina Celikei
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Ernesto as a teacher is very perfectionist and professional. He has a lot of wisdom since he has trained with the best. The good thing is that after so many years with pilates he still has passion and continues to train, this guarantees me high quality classes with him.
Inma Moya
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Studio 100% recommended for its quality and professionalism. The classes are personalized and help you progress both physically and mentally.
Because for us the most important thing is you, and that you get what you want by practicing the authentic Pilates method.


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